About Groenovatie

You can rely on Groenovatie for all your sustainable and energy-saving green solutions.

At Groenovatie, you have come to the right place for the purchase and installation of LED lighting, energy-saving window film and everything that has to do with sustainability. Groenovatie stands for Green innovations.

We only offer high-quality products that are also very competitively priced, with excellent service!


Our mission is to provide sustainable, energy-saving solutions to all companies, organisations and institutions. We also have a webshop where corporate and private customers can order LED lighting.

Stimulating corporate social responsibility (CSR) is key for us.


Groenovatie always has a 2 to 5-year warranty on all products. We can guarantee this, because our products are tested by independent bodies and certified according to international standards.


If you have become interested in our products and you want to become a distributor of our products, please contact us for additional information.

LED lichtberekening

LED light calculation example

LED Lichtplan

LED lighting plan example


As a supplier of sustainable products, we also provide advice, LED lighting and savings calculations and of course the installation of our products. We can take care of various installation activities for you, from the installation of insulating/burglar-proof window film to the installation of LED fixtures.

We have the right knowledge and experience regarding the various disciplines of the installation process. Sustainability is always put first in the execution of the work.

Depending on your wishes and needs, we can supply individual products or services or a combination of those, to make it as easy as possible for you.

We are aware that every client has different wishes and demands, which is why we like to sit down with you to see what suits you best.

Work method

When you are interested in the products and services offered by Groenovatie, we will first discuss with you what your needs and demands are, then give you tailored advice with calculations accordingly. The next step is that we make a quote for products and services that suit your needs. If you agree with this, we can start with the delivery and installation of the products. Lastly, we offer after-sales support, so you can always call us when you need us. And of course, a warranty of at least 2 years on all products.

We have the right knowledge and experience and ensure that, for instance, our lighting projects comply with (NEN) standards, and the installation work meets all the legal requirements. You can buy various types of LED lights, such as LED strips in various colours, LED panels, LED spot lights, LED street lighting, LED outdoor lighting, Smart Lighting and much more.