Our mission and vision

As a green company, we have a mission, a goal. You may have already read about Groenovatie. Perhaps you already have an idea of what we stand for. On this page, we will explain everything in more detail. We want to help our customers in the best possible way and let them enjoy their green solutions with a satisfied feeling. We also have personal goals.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Groenovatie only sells sustainable products and environmentally friendly solutions. However, selling these products is not enough for us, we also like to do business in a green way ourselves. This means that we don’t like waste and therefore, for example, don’t send any unnecessary letters or other mail.

If a delivery truck can do two deliveries at once, we prefer this to having the truck make two runs. And if we can use renewable electricity to keep our website online instead of regular electricity, then we do this! This way, not only do we help other companies to do business more sustainably, we’re a green company ourselves as well.

Our dream

As a sustainable company, we have a dream. This dream is perhaps not yet within reach, but we hope that this ideal will take shape in the future. Our dream is that all companies will practise business sustainably. For instance, by deploying only electric delivery trucks, using renewable energy and our sustainable LED lighting.

This dream still has a long way to come, but slowly we are all working towards it together. One step at a time, a small change such as switching to our LED lighting can already make a big difference. Feel free to contact us and discuss our vision with us. Perhaps we can help guide your company in the right direction. Because only together can we save both costs and the environment!