Our mission and vision

As a green company we have a certain mission, a goal. Perhaps you have heard about Groenovatie before. Perhaps you already know a bit about what we stand for. On this page we will elaborate that topic a bit more, what we exactly stand for. Not only do we want to help our customers in the best way we can. In addition, we have some personal goals.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Groenovatie sells only durable products and environment friendly solutions. But selling this products is not enough for us, we need to take a step extra. So we, ourselves, also undertake in a green way. This means we do not like to waist anything. You will, for example, never receive any unnecessary  letters or other mail from us.

If a delivery van can deliver two packages with one road trip, then we like to let the delivery company do that instead of driving twice. Can we use green current instead of regular current to keep our web shop online? Then we use green current! This way we do not only help other companies undertake more eco-friendly, but we do it ourselves, too!

Our ideal vision
As a durable company we have an ideal vision. This vision may not be within our grasp just yet, but we hope that this vision will be accomplished in the future. Our ideal vision is that all companies, no matter what size they are, will be eco-friendly. For example, usage of our durable LED lights, the green current instead of the regular current and all the delivery vans on electric current instead of gas.

This ideal is still far away, but slowly we are all working together to this ideal. One stap at a time. A small change, like switching to our LED lights can make a huge difference. Get in contact with us to discuss our vision. Perhaps we can help your firm a bit in the right direction. Because only together we can reduce the costs and save the environment!