For all your durable and energy-saving, green solutions you can come to us, Groenovatie. We help you for beginning to end. At Groenovatie it begins with advising and it only ends when you are 100% satisfied with the result.
For purchasing and installing LED lights, energy-saving window foil and basically everything that has something to do with green solutions and durable products, Groenovatie is the place for you!
We only have high quality products which, of course, are extremely well priced, with an excellent service!

Groenovatie’s advising role in green solutions

We like to advise you on which products are useful for your project. Because of our experience and knowledge we know exactly what does and what does not help your company. We look at the project and discuss with you how we could realize it in the best possible way.

The supplier of durable products

We are the total supplier in the field of durable products and green solutions. Our extensive web shop is full of products that are better for the environment and help reduce costs. We fabricated our web shop in a way that only the best products remained. Whether you are looking for an energy point or you are looking for energy efficient lightning, Groenovatie is the place for you.


We install the products for you
Naturally we do not stop providing service after you bought your durable product or green solution. We take a step extra to please our customers. That is why we like to install the products at your company or office. Whether it concerns applying insulating window foil or installing divers fixtures. We have the right knowledge and experience to carry out any installation.

Depending on what your particular wishes and needs are we can select loose products or combined some products in a package deal. We want to make things as easy as possible for you, so selecting the products, just as everything else, we do in total conformity of your wishes.
We are aware of the fact that every client has other wishes and requirements. That is why we like to debate about what is best for your situation. We discuss what is possible and in this process we will cover all your wishes. We can also directly see how much you can save in which period of time.

Even after completing we are ready for you!
When the products are received and/or when the installation is completed we are still going to be ready to help you in every way possible. You can always contact us via telephone and email for questions. In addition, we always offer a warranty of two years on all of our products.

This company has the right knowledge and experience and makes sure that, for example, installations are done according to the book. Groenovatie sells different sorts of LED light, like LED strips in different colors, street lights or outside lightning… All of this and more is easy to find on the website!