Working Method

Customer satisfaction is our number 1 concern. There fore, we offer a wide plan to achieve optimal results. We support you in all stages, from the beginning to the end and even then you can reach us for any questions.

If you are interested in a product or service from Groenovatie we first discuss with you to know what your needs and requirements are. On the basis of this discussion we will give you appropriate advice with calculations that meet your needs. Of course you have full involvement in this consultative call and we will help you as needed.

As a next step, we make an offer of products and services that fit entirely on your needs. This offer is nog binding and, of course, there may still be things adjusted. We put this completely to your wishes and desires and take te customization along wit it. If you agree with the offer we can begin.

Once you have agreed, we deliver the products and install them directly. We take all the work out of your hands so you have only one contact for both the supply and installation. Because we know how our products fit together, we can install it quickly and professionally. During this process, we can also provide further information or explain the products. The installation is performed by experienced installers.

Finally, we provide an after-sales support. You can always reach us if you nee dus. If there are further questions, we will answer them for you. We also have a minimum of 2 years quarantee on all our products.